Feature of StorageEdge 3.0

In my earlier post, I’ve discussed the some of the most important features of StorageEdge introduced in 3.0 version. In this post, I’ll give you a brief introduction of all the features which StorageEdge offers.

Just to refresh your memory, StorageEdge is used not only to enhance the storage of SharePoint but it also improves its performance and scalability. Below are the features of StorageEdge.

Multi storage provider:
This is the new features introduced in this final release of StorageEdge. StorageEdge provides multiple storage providers for externalizing the BLOB contents. File system provider is the default provider for SAN and NAS storage. Apart from this Amazon, Azure and EMC Centera can also be added on demand.

Organized Externalizes BLOBs in folder structure:
This feature was not there in the previous version. StorageEdge provides the four types of structure for saving BLOBs which are, Flat Hierarchy Auto Create Folders with limited number of files per folder, use SharePoint Folder Names and use SharePoint File Names (by adding the actual file name with its GUID)

Advance BLOB filter:
This is also the new feature of this release. StorageEdge now provides advance filters for BLOBS transfer which helps in sorting BLOBS. It based upon: File size, File name or Extension and File author.

Tiered Storage:
BLOB externalization is a wonder option to improves its performance and scalability of the app. StorageEdge can externalized BLOBs in multiple tiers.

EBS Scope:
This feature is also introduced for the first time in this release. StorageEdge gives you the facility to configure EBS for a ‘Site Collection’ as well as for a ‘Web Application’.

RBS Job independence:
Instead of relying on ‘SharePoint API’ now we have our own jobs for RBS:
RBS Migrate Job
• RBS Revert Job

Bandwidth Throttling for all types of Jobs:
StorageEdge now offers you to configure Job Throttling for various jobs like:
Migration jobs throttling
• Revert jobs throttling
• Garbage Clean job throttling (only for EBS, because we are not providing the ‘Clean’ job for RBS)
• Blob Transfer job throttling
• EBS to RBS conversion throttling

Jobs Monitoring
This feature provides you the facility to monitor the SharePoint Timer Jobs that are scheduled for any process.

Low Disk Notification
With this feature of StorageEdge3.0, you can receive notifications for low disk otherwise the BLOBs will not be externalized when available space becomes zero.

EBS to RBS Conversion
StorageEdge provides you the facility to convert External BLOB Storage to Remote BLOB Storage without copying BLOBs which results in efficient memory consumption.

Doc Importer Tool
Doc Importer allows you to migrate data and documents from multiple locations to SharePoint libraries 2007/2010. .

Image Combining (Dynamic CSS Sprites)
SharePoint 2007 includes the image combining feature that helps improve your application performance. StorageEdge 2.0 is able to dynamically generate CSS sprites to further reduce HTTP round trips between the client and web browser, giving you even better performance.


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