StorageEdge 3.4 has Released !!!

After the tremendous success of StorageEdge 3.0, Alachisoft has announced the release of new version of StorageEdge called as StorageEdge 3.4. In this post, I’ll give you a brief introduction of some of the important features which StorageEdge offers.

Just to refresh your memory, StorageEdge is used not only to enhance the storage of SharePoint but it also improves its performance and scalability. Below are the features of StorageEdge.

File Share Linker:
For compliance, StorageEdge can now store copies of BLOBs and their metadata outside the database. Users can specify the retention policies as to how long to keep the archived BLOBs and when to delete.

Rational Archiving for Compliance:
This feature was not there in the previous version. StorageEdge provides the four types of structure for saving BLOBs which are, Flat Hierarchy Auto Create Folders with limited number of files per folder, use SharePoint Folder Names and use SharePoint File Names (by adding the actual file name with its GUID)

Asynchronous BLOB Writing:
To reduce the latency while writing BLOBs to cloud storages, users can opt to asynchronously upload files. This will write BLOBs to staging devices from where they will be uploaded asynchronously to the cloud storage.

Database Mirroring:
If SharePoint content database is mirrored, StorageEge automatically starts using the failover database server if primary server is down or inaccessible. Similarly, StorageEdge BLOB store database can also be configured for SQL mirroring.

Storage Pools:
Each tier in an Externalizer and Archiver profile is associated with a storage pool which can have one or more storage devices. More devices can added to a storage pool at any time.

More Filtering Policies:
Following new filtering policies are added.
Creation Date Filters
• List Based Filters
• Modification Date Filters

Consistency Check Job
Consistency check job makes sure that the BLOB references on content database, StorageEdge configuration database and external store are consistent with each other. This inconsistency can be produced as a result of restoring SharePoint site and databases from backups.

You can read the complete feature list of StorageEdge 3.4 from Here and the edition comparison from Here.

Download your copy of StorageEdge 3.4


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