Release of NCache 4.1

October 26, 2011

Alachisoft , the developers of leading softwares like StorageEdge and NCache, has released the new version of NCache i.e. NCache 4.1 .

Like the early releases, this release is also full of new and exciting features. NCache 4.1 is not only embedded with some high quality features but there are some major enhancements too.I’m going to discus some of the most important features here.

This new release gives you a whole package for Run Time Data Sharing between multiple platforms (java & .Net) and it contains object level sharing , version based sharing, asynchronous data sharing (event based) and online data sharing across the WAN.

Due to XML serialization with the involvement of DB, Object sharing between .net and java was slow in the earlier editions. But this problem has been overcome in this edition with the help of run time data sharing. As runtime data sharing uses binary serialization instead of typical XML serialization without DB, the results are much faster and trouble free.

Another exciting feature of which has been introduced in NCache 4.1 is Continuous query. With the help of Continuous query you can synchronizes cache and application with each other. It lets you register against a query, which means application can ask for notifications whenever a record (data-set) is updated\modified, added or deleted.

Perhaps the most important feature of NCache is the introduction of much enhanced Bridge Topology. Bridge topology creates bridge node(s) where complete cache is replicated asynchronously over the WAN.

Runtime Data Sharing between .NET & Java

With the help of NCache now you store either .NET objects in the cache can read them as Java objects from your java application or vice versa. Most importantly, this transformation of .NET objects to Java is done by runtime data sharing which is a binary sharing instead of XLM sharing which is much slower as described above.

Multiple Objects Version Support (.NET & Java)

You can now share multiple versions of the same .NET or Java classes across multiple applications.

Continuous Query (.NET & Java)

NCache lets you specify a data-set based on an SQL-like query. It then maintains this data-set in the cache cluster for you and monitors any runtime changes in it, including additions, updates, or deletes.

For complete list of features of NCache 4.1 please visit What’s New Page

Or download 60-day fully working trial Version of NCache from the Download Page


Boost the performance of your .Net app with the help of a distributed cache

April 7, 2011

The classic ASP.NET is stand alone and inProc in nature so it has some limitations. It is good for smaller web farms only but when your app is running in a multi-server environment, it may ends up with some performance and scalability issues. So the use of a third party distributed is recommended as the cache in this case is distributed over multiple servers so it not only boost the performance of the app but also provides the scalable data all the time. Even MicroSoft itself realized this factor and they have introduced MS AppFabric. But when it comes to distributed aching, NCache is a matures and well established distributed cache provider.

NCache is an in-memory object caching solution for .NET applications with real-time data access needs. It not only lets you cache read-only data but also complex transactional data with relationships. As a result, your application can cache most of its data and improve performance. NCache helps remove performance& scalability bottlenecks related to your data storage and databases and scale your .NET and Java apps to extreme transaction processing (XTP)

Alachisoft, the makers of NCache and StorageEdge for SharePoint has recently released the latest version of NCache i.e. NCache 3.8 SP4. In this release, the following features have been added along with the features of earlier edition, NCache 3.8 SP3,

1. String sharing between Java and .NET (vice versa)
2. SQL Cache Dependency Custom Queue/Notification Service

There are three different editions of NCache are available which are,
NCache Express
NCache Professional
NCache Enterprise

You can learn more about the different features of these editions from the edition comparison list.

Download NCache

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